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NEXOR Medical was born with the purpose of bringing together two worlds, which were often separated in the past and, in our belief, should be integrated


I am talking about the world of modular room concepts and medical device manufacturing on one side, and the world of hospital engineering on the other side


We are deeply convinced that projects with an integrated view on both areas obtain better results compared to projects where each area is sectioned off, planned and executed independently


Our goal is to develop modular room concepts for critical areas which allow our customers to achieve the best possible results according to relevant personal and environmental parameters


Furthermore, it is our strong belief that a modular room concept without consideration of medical devices such as surgical lights or ceiling pendants does not provide a complete solution


That is the reason why, under the NEXOR Medical umbrella, we have united two manufacturers capable of providing the proper technological answers to our customers’ requests


Finally, we are convinced that it’s our hospital engineering know-how which turns our customers’ projects into success stories

Established in 1959, OMP Engineering is one of Italy’s leading suppliers of “LIFE SUPPORT SYSTEMS”


The company specializes in research, design and implementation of advanced technological equipment and systems for the Armed Forces, police forces, civil defence, emergency response, non-governmental organizations, organizations for reconstruction and Civil Engineering


The company, using its experience and expertise gained over the years, studies the best solutions which best suit any particular needs of the customer


The know-how, the highly innovative patents and the dynamic Company policy have enabled OMP to reach rapid developments both on the national and international markets


OMP Engineering operates in the biomedical sector by participating in major international projects such as Ebola virus missions, for transporting infected patients inside insulators. OMP Engineering also produces plants for the sterilisation and shredding of infectious hazardous waste, installed on LD3 modules and trucks that guarantee transportation by road and air

MEDICAL LAB SYSTEM was established from the union of an accomplished team of professionals with thirty years of experience in the design and engineering of healthcare facilities and highly technological building components


MEDICAL LAB SYSTEM stands out as a reference point both at a national level and at an international level within the ”turnkey” development of healthcare facilities through the use and the engineering of prefabricated elements


Prefabrication is a construction system based on the serial industrial development of on-site assembly units which does not limit the freedom of projects while obtaining the best aesthetics


Indeed, in the healthcare and hospital field, construction projects increasingly veer towards the prefabrication system; in particular in critical areas, such as OP, ICU and ER blocks, outpatient departments, dentist clinics, labs, clean rooms and hospital areas flexibility, adapting to new technologies, maintainability and hygiene are deemed to be essential and fundamental requirements to design and obtain a high-quality product


At Nexor we are committed to your well-being and health

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