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Frequently asked questions BIOX.suite

Does the unit come with a battery back-up?

No, it needs to be conected to the power supply of the hospital

Has the product a CE Mark?

All components of the module do have a CE Mark, the unit itself does not as there is no standard in Europe that regulates these kind of products

Is the product a Medical Device?

The product falls into the category of clean rooms and it is not a medical device. Anyhow it is manufactured and distributed by companies that have a 13485 Certification among others

Logistics of the product

The product can be shipped to customers either by truck, airfreight or seafreight it depends a little bit on the order of the volume. It comes with reusable boxes for storage purpose once dismanteled

Use of the system once the epidemic situation is over?

The system is designed to be dismanteled and stored in the box that has been supplied. This allows the hospitals react much faster in future no matter whether it is a world-wide epidemy or a national / regional need for additional isolation rooms. Alternative it can be used as back-up during special events, where there is a huge number of people ( sports, religion etc.)

What is the lead time for the product?

It depends on the demand, generally speaking the lead time is between 6 and 8 weeks

How many units were sold in the EU

The product was launched recently and 40 units have been sold so far, 20 units to the Ministry of Health in Italy

How many are buying a hospital at one time?

The quantity depends on many factors such as size of the hospital, category, intended use. Therefore there is no precise answer to this question

Would these modules used in area where patient are not normally kept?

The philosophy of this product is that a patient room or any other room can be transformed into an isolation room, therefore it can also be installed in gymnasiums if needed

How often do you change Hepa Filter

The product is supplied with a life-cycle indicator, unless country regulations do not have a precise rule, they are changed when the “system” says so

Are you supplying some spare filters with the system?

Upon customer request, we can supply additional sets of Hepa Filters with the system

How are the Medical Devices conected?

Medical Devices are conected to the electrical panel of the module and the module itself is conected to the power supply of the hospital ( 1 line)

Does the module need to be conected to the AC system in the hospital?

No, the Module has its own independant ventilation system, anyhow the Module is not cooling / heating the air, whatever ambient temperature and humidity there is in the room, will also be in the Module

Where is the air intake coming from?

Air intake is coming from the ambient, passed through the Hepa Filter and let into the Module

Where does the air outlet go to?

Return air is let into the ambien after is has passed through the Hepa Filter

How many filter systems does the Module have?

There is one Hepa Filter for Inlet Air and one Hepa Filter for Outlet Air

What happens if there is a power-supply failure in the hospital?

The Module will keep the negative pressure for more than 1 hour

Does the Module allow to connect the patient to the Medical Gas Supply in the Hospital?

Yes, the Module allows connection to any supply service of the hospital, through airthight hoses

Can the Module be used with possitive pressure in future applications?

Yes, that is possible

What material is used for the flooring of the Module?

What material is used for the flooring of the Module?

Can a number of units be reserved?

Yes, that is possible against a down-payment of 5% of the value of the Module. It is way to secure production capacity for your order and preferential shipment

What is the expected power consumption, to be considered when the all Medical Devices are conected to the electrical panel?

Maximum estimaded power consumption 1,5 KW

Where are the goods picked-up, what is the closest seaport.

Pick-up of goods is in Vicenza, Italy closest seaport is Venice or Genova

What is the number of air renewals inside the chamber?

Air is re-cycled 30 times per hour ( 600 cm/h)

What is the typical pressure differential achieved inside the chamber ?

Pressure in the pre-chamber is -10kpa in the chamber is -15kpa

Power supply 220VAC one phase or 380VAC three phases?

Power supply 220 VAC

Nominal/rated power consumption ?

THE NOMINAL CONSUMPTION IS 700W – we suggest the customer to connect the power to a line calculated for peak of 1/1.5 KW

Typical life time of HEPA filters (we know there is a life cycle indicator)?

DEPENDS ON ROOM QUALITY OF AIR – If we assume to install the chamber inside a regular hospital room with existing ventilation /air conditioning system HEPA lifetime is 1 Year. Local regulation might impose a diferent standard

What disinfection methods can be used for the interior of the chamber?


Nebulize peracetic acid it is an option such as manual surface cleaning. The procedure depends also on the sanification level to be achieved

We are working on a specific guideline document

How many filters does the ventilation unit have?

The ventilation unit has 3 filters, all of them are changed at the same time, once the life cycle indicator says so

What type of filters are used with the Module?

The Module uses H14 Canister filters